Chris Brown Does It Again

Does what?

Chris Brown seems to have irritated unresolved psychological festering injuries in most of America’s victims of domestic violence – again!  He did this by simply being involved in a fight with another man.  However, with his publicized history of domestic violence of former/current [who knows] girlfriend Rihanna, and many outbursts stemming from that incident, including the one against a female at Good Morning America, the stigma stays stuck on him so that no matter what the incident or his position in it, he is blamed!

I do not condone domestic violence and frankly have been fighting it since the age of 6 [whole other story], and I was one who thought Chris should have been prosecuted for attempted murder when the incident occurred.  Nonetheless, I am neither judge nor jury and those who were such decided on his punishment and executed it. That being said, can we get over it?!  It is time to let it go, people.

It is not unfair or unusual to associate a person who has been convicted of violence with violence going forward, but it is unfair to assume that they are always the guilty party, even if reports and facts show differently.  This is why I believe that the people who blame Chris Brown for every incident of violence, as long as he is in some way associated, are people with unresolved issues of their own violent past.  Get help so that you may get pass your demons, but as I cautioned someone on twitter recently, “do not visit your own issues with domestic violence on his one instance”.  Try

So this recent incident with the very overrated Frank Ocean [good writer, not so great singer] seems to me to be a case of self defense on the part of Chris Brown.  However, many people thought that the incident with Rihanna was also in self defense and misused quotes like “to every action there is a reaction” which has been associated with self defense.  I sincerely doubt that Newton had slaps and punches in mind when he developed his 3rd law of motion. Besides, the law does state that “…there is an equal and opposite force…a reaction” which means that should this law be used as justification, the reaction needs to be equal and opposite [mirrored].  As we all know, CB had no visible signs of injury from the Rihanna incident so if she had any action, his reaction was not equal nor opposite.  In other words, she might have slapped him or punched him and she ended up with her face mangled!!!  No bueno!   However, with Frank Ocean’s incident, self defense sounds plausible in that no one came out mangled so it’s more likely that there was some equality in the exchange of blows.

All that being said, I think that social media is wonderful but horrible!  Wonderful because…well…who doesn’t love all this detail about their favorite stars.  Horrible it is because now we are distracted from the artists’ work.  Their personal lives and issues cloud our judgement or influence our choices…which is so sad…for them.  LOL  We love it!♥