Twitter is a haven for hyper-zealousness whether in the form of love or hate.  The passion of the people can be fun or frightening, depending on how you choose to process your experience.  I choose to have fun, but I see some frightening exchanges that make me wonder if we all shouldn’t just pause and check the level of our enthusiasm sometimes.


Of course, to each his own and we should all worry about what we individually do, but sometimes one cannot help but be concerned for one’s ‘neighbor’ as a human being.  There is something radically wrong when anyone spends a significant or inordinate amount of time on a matter that has nothing to do with their well being or growth or worshiping or destroying someone else!  However, whether you are the concerned or the one others are concerned about, it is always a good idea to take a moment to check your self.  It might be time to curb your enthusiasm!

I go from 0 to ‘what the hell is wrong with her’ within seconds, especially after I have had coffee, about anything that concerns me (which can be everything on some days).  I rant and rave with the best of them…OK, maybe with the mediocre ranters, but…as quickly as my engines rev is as quickly as they simmer to a halt because pride gets me to become concerned about the spectacle I may be making of my self.  This is about when I usually curb my enthusiasm; pipe down; have a seat. LOL

Some might say this self editing is the opposite of being real, but to me, being real is not about being vulgar and careless and reckless; it is about being expressive and standing up for what you believe in, right along with knowing when to reel it in.

Of course, this is my point of view.  What’s yours?